Erin Murphy

Library Media Specialist

Welcome to the Asa Adams Library!  Our library serves students in grades PreK to 5.  All students enjoy weekly visits to the library.  Students receive instruction on a wide variety of library skills including the following:

  • Becoming a responsible library patron
  • Searching our online catalog
  • Author/genre studies
  • Understanding different parts of books
  • Accessing nonfiction (using table of contents, index, glossary, tables and charts, web site connections
  • Book discussions/reviews
  • Research skills (using online databases, Boolean search techniques, note taking, creating bibliographies)
  • Copyright law, avoiding plagiarism, intellectual property, citing work
  • Using multimedia encyclopedias and other research tools
  • Online safety and personal responsibility

Check Out Policy:

All students check out two books at a time.   I encourage students and their grown-ups to find a special place to keep library books at home so they will know where they are at all times.  Parents can help encourage responsible library habits by teaching their children to keep books clean and dry, and out of the reach of very small children and pets.  Parents may also find it helpful to mark a family calendar with the child’s “library day” so that library books will be returned on time.

If parents have any questions I can be reached by email [email protected] or at 866-2151.  Thank you!