Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Media Smarts — An excellent site with a variety of links to digital literacy, including interactive Internet safety games and other current media issues.

Online Safety Quiz — Helps children show what they know about how to be a safe Internet user.

Privacy Pirates — Introduces children to the concept of online privacy and teaches them to distinguish between information that is appropriate to give out and information better kept private – and to recognize how this may change in different contexts.

Privacy Playground — Meet the Cyberpigs as they play on their favorite Web site and encounter marketing ploys, spam and a close encounter with a not-too-friendly wolf.

Cybersense and Nonsense — Follow the three CyberPigs as they learn some important lessons about authenticating online information and observing rules of netiquette.

CommonSense Media — This site has a wealth of information on using common sense when using all types of media.  This link takes you directly to the ‘Advice for Families in a 24/7 Media World.’  It can be searched by age group as well as media genre.